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Monday, July 6, 2020


I am Dr.Arif Maghribi Khan, from Kashmir.

My aims
 1=Elimination of TB ,help people with depression, anxiety, PTSD, drug abuse,. I along with medicine and CBT, also  use spiritual knowledge  to heal patients.
2=Help women who suffer from domestic violence or sexual abuse.

3= I need help to help to achieve all my medical aims, i already helping but with more help more people can be helped, i believe and scientific studies have shown that among other cases food adulteration is leading cause of rising cancers, kidney failures in JK.
4= I like my work as i work in community dealing with people having lack of knowledge about mental health or Tuberculosis, and Diabetes as well.

Value offered.

I am a trained mental health therapist  with work experience specializing working with patients of Depression ,Anxiety, PTSD, Drug-abuse, Domestic violence, and Psychotic disorders. I work in community mostly not from any luxurious cabin. Besides that i write on regular basis, mostly in Kashmir based newspapers.

Select Achievements
 I am also trained in advanced treatment of mental health diseases from royal college of Psychiatry London.

After floods my house was razed to ground and still we live in a rented house, but immediately after floods I treated patients in 37 plus medical camps, even during last year’s Swine flu scare I worked in most unhygienic places and offered my expertise.
Trained 500 plus Anganwari workers in identifying key symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, Childhood disorders, and post partum blues.
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